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Panerai Radiomir watches, given the name Radiomir due to their radium component, are equipped with hand-wound mechanical movements. Panerai replicaRadiomir styles contain from 17 to 33 jewels, with various functions like second hands, power reserve indicator, GMT hands, am/pm indicator, date, second-hand reset, chronograph, tachometric scale, up to 10 day reserve, and water resistance. With cases ranging from stainless steel to ceramic to rose gold and titanium, and straps in blue, black, brown, tan, and alligator leather, any man would be proud to wear one of these precision engineered watches. Not only is the engineering and craftsmanship the finest, but all weights and dimensions are as exact as possible. Our Panerai Radiomir replica watches are crafted to not only look like the originals, but to perform like the originals.
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Panerai history as a classic in the series, it is a classic watch, so it does not have too many features. But it is their quality is very good, the black dial and white numerals and large scale, with a strong reading of, gives an excellent visual experience. And on its hands with the scale are covered with luminous coating, so that even in the dark of night, we can clearly read the data of time. It uses a small three-pin design, small seconds dial at nine o’clock dial.
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