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Our association with Inner Wheel has always lit our lives with smiles, happiness and a special bonding and given us new hopes and aspirations to continue to contribute our selfless services for the betterment of our communities through Inner Wheel.
We are going to celebrate our Centenary year in 2024. But it is imperative that we commence our planning and preparations in such a way that our organisation becomes stronger and colourful each coming year. What better way can we plan for the special year 2024 than dedicating and committing ourselves to enhance not only our organisation but also the image of Inner Wheel in the world.
The questions before all of us today are many but the following are foremost in our minds:
  • How best we can strengthen our members & clubs
  • How we can empower women
  • How Inner Wheel can help make our world a greener & safer place to live in
Our 16th IIW Conventions is therefore the best event to re-dedicate our commitment to Inner Wheel.
We are going to have Symposium during the Convention. The Symposium will address three main issues which will give a new & healthy direction to Inner Wheel.
The three issues are :
  1. Vision 2024 – Centenary Year
  2. Women – Epitome of strength
  3. Inner Wheel towards a Greener Planet
Friends, all clubs and all members are the backbone of our organisation, they are the pillars on whom the foundation of Inner Wheel rests firmly. We therefore need to develop the most powerful resource of Inner Wheel members into an effective force to herald the Centenary Year in 2024

Abha Gupta
IIW President Elect 2014-15

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