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D. Pre and Post
Convention tours
Price per person
Tour A Meet the Danes
(including accommodation in double room, entrance fees, transportation and meals)
Supplement for single room: DKK 1,600
Thursday - Tuesday,
 30th April – 5th May 2015
DKK 9,500
(€ 1,275)
Tour B Meet the Danes
(including accommodation in double room, entrance fees, transportation and meals)
Supplement for single room: DKK 1,600
Sunday - Friday,
10th May – 15th May 2015
DKK 9,500
(€ 1,275)
Tour C  Faroe Islands
(including accommodation in double room, entrance fees, transportation and meals)
Supplement for single room: DKK 1,100
Sunday – Thursday, 
10th May – 14th May 2015
DKK 9,000
(€ 1,210)
Tour 11 Bornholm Tour
(including accommodation in double room, entrance fees, transportation and meals)
Supplement for single room: DKK 250
Supplement for double room for single
      use: DKK 450
Sunday - Monday,
10th May – 11th May 2015
DKK 4,940
(€ 660)

MEET THE DANES – in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen

The Danish Inner Wheel districts 44, 45 and 46 want to show you the best of Denmark outside Copenhagen, and offer 3 tours, 1 pre and 2 post Convention.

In a country with only 5.5 million inhabitants our capital of 1 million people will invariably dominate the picture of Denmark. When you look at a map you may also notice that Copenhagen is not situated in the center of the country; on the contrary! Therefore it sometimes takes a bit of an effort to persuade visitors to leave Copenhagen to experience the rest of the country.

But this is exactly what a group of Inner Wheelers from the districts 44, 45 and 46 intend to do. If you haven´t seen the country outside Copenhagen you haven´t been to Denmark!

Furthermore, we think that meeting the local population always adds a lot to a journey. The Danish Inner Wheelers all speak English and will enjoy discussing Inner Wheel,  the Danish society, our way of life, educational and social system, etc. and will also be keen to get to know how YOU think, live and act in your home country.

The 2 tours running pre – and post Convention will be almost identical but are not traditional tourist tours: Both will be led by 2 English speaking Inner Wheelers who will be ready to answer – or find an answer – to all your questions; who both know their country and its history very well and are looking forward to tell you about the Vikings and show you one of the places where they lived, tell about Hans Christian Andersen`s fairy tales and his journeys, the modern Danish society, the geology of the landscape we drive through and many other things that you may not know you want to know! And the Inner Wheelers you meet will proudly tell you about the advantages of their part of the country.

In all the places where we spend the night, Danish Inner Wheelers will come to meet you, entertain you or just share a meal with you, sharing their experience with and expectations of Inner Wheel.

You will see a 15 year old bridge which was the world´s longest when it was built, the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen in the cozy old part of Odense, stay in century old manor houses turned into modern hotels, visit the oldest city of Denmark, once having a mighty harbour now a peaceful and picturesque town with a cathedral. You`ll experience the dunes and roughness of the western coast, the wonderful ambient light of the northern most tip of Denmark that inspired painters a century ago, and the idyll of the lakes in central Jutland.

In short you´ll get a much better idea of what Denmark and the Danes are by joining one of our tours.

Please book and pay before 01 March 2015.

We really look forward to welcoming you on board the bus.

TOUR C - Faroe Islands 10 - 14 May 2015
Unforgettable Faroe Islands – an unknown and unspoilt destination.
Take a trip back in time, but also into a modern society. The Faroe Islands are a self-governing country within the Danish Kingdom. Only 2 hours’ flight from Copenhagen to a place with its own way of life.
The Faroe Islands is a small society consisting of 18 small islands with barely 50,000 inhabitants. Thanks to a rather isolated position in the North Atlantic Ocean, the islanders have managed to preserve their old language and culture. Still it is a modern society with nearly all the facilities and way of life found in the other Nordic Countries. For more information: www.visitfaroeislands.com and www.visittorshavn.fo  
Authentic and unspoiled – and likely to remain so. That is how the National Geographic Magazine described the islands when they were chosen as the world’s best island destination a couple of years ago. Two of the Danish Inner Wheel Clubs are found in the Faroe Islands, and we should like to welcome you to our very special universe. We would like to invite you to come and see for yourself if this is still true. We think it is.
The Faroe Islands are part of the Danish realm and only two hours’ flight from Copenhagen. From the airport there is a one-hour drive to the capital Tórshavn.

Tour A is pre Convention (30th April to 5th May)
Tour B is post Convention (10th to 15th May) but the 2 tours are identical, and both let you follow in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen.
Tour C from 10th to 14th May goes to the Faroe Islands.

All tours are planned under the theme ”Meet the Danes” and will take you to cultural, historical and scenic highlights of western Denmark and the Faroe Islands respectively and give you a unique chance to meet Danish Inner Wheel members. Choosing tour A or B you will experience wonderful manor house hotels, where your hotel stay will also be an adventurous part of the trip.

Tour C offers you a 4 star hotel in Torshavn as a basis for daily excursions.


Day 1
Departure from Copenhagen in the morning, crossing the Great Belt Bridge to Odense, where we will visit the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. Late afternoon we will drive to Christiansfeld, where we will stay at the 250 year old Tyrstrup Inn (www.tyrstrupkro.dk). The inn has recently been chosen to join the international Fédération Cuisinier Exclusive d´Europe.

Day 2
Christiansfeld was founded in 1773, and many of the town houses are from that period. We will take a look at the town before driving west to the oldest town in Denmark, Ribe, which dates back to the 700s. We will sense the special atmosphere of the town and the unique nature surrounding it. After lunch we will drive north to the manor house Nr.Vosborg, where we will be staying. Hans Christian Andersen stayed here 14 days in 1859. (www.nrvosborg.dk).   

Day 3
The following day, we drive to Viborg, which has a long history as a place of power, bishop’s seat, garrison town and the administrative centre of Jutland. We will have a look at the town, before crossing the Limfjord, and driving to the castle Gammel Vrå, where we shall stay the night. (www.slotshotel.dk).

Day 4
We will now be heading towards the northernmost point of Denmark, the tiny town of Skagen, which is especially known as a turist spot and for its wonderful scenery. 100 years ago, the town was a cultural center for Danish artists. Today, one can see many of the most famous paintings from that period at the Skagen Art Museum.
(www.skagensmuseum.dk/om-museet). We will stay overnight in Frederikshavn (www.hotel-jutlandia.dk).

Day 5
Before leaving the town, we will plant a tree to commemorate the visit of International Inner Wheel Convention in Frederikshavn! Then we will head south to visit Silkeborg, where we are to sail on the world’s oldest paddlesteamer still in use. We will stay the night at the manor house Sophiendal.

Day 6
Today we are to experience the Danish summer cottage culture. Just before arriving at the charming town of Ebeltoft, we will meet Danish Inner Wheel ladies and have lunch with them. We are also to experience the charming town centre of Ebeltoft, with several interesting museums, before we catch the ferry back to Sjaelland. We will end our tour where we started, in Copenhagen, in the evening.

This tour will be carried through with a minimum of 20 participants.


On the day of arrival by plane from Copenhagen you are invited to attend an Inner Wheel meeting in Torshavn.

Day 2
A day trip is planned to Funningur, Gjogv, Eidi, Tjørnuvik and Saksun, all wonderful little communities in the middle of the breathtaking Faroese nature.

Day 3
Guided tour of Tinganes, the 1000 year old administrative center of Torshavn, and lunch in ”Nordens Hus”. In the afternoon a trip to Kirkjubøur.

Day 4
Day trip to Klaksvik, where we will see Christianskirken as well as the church and the vicar’s home in Vidareidi.

Day 5
On the way to the airport we will visit the small villages of Bøur and Gasadalur. Depending on the time table, this may be seen on the first day. This tour will be carried through with a minimum of 15 participants.

On all tours all transportation, hotels, meals and entrance fees are included. Beverages not included. The price of tours A & B is DKK 9,500 per person in a shared double room. Supplement for a single room is DKK 1,600. The price of tour C is DKK 9,000 per person in a shared double room. Supplement for a single room is DKK 1,100.
Tour A & B will only be carried through with a minimum of 20 participants and a maximum 45 participants. Tour C will only be carried through with a minimum of 15 participants and a maximum 30 participants.

The programme may be subject to minor changes.

Bornholm is – along with the Ertholmene island cluster – Denmark’s easternmost point. The island is situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Thanks to its location, Bornholm has many hours of sunshine and the extraordinary light has always attracted a great number of artists.

Day 1
We will depart from the Tivoli Congress Center in a comfortable touring bus and drive across the bridge to Malmö in Sweden and proceed through the beautiful Swedish countryside to the coastal town of Ystad. Here we will have a short break to stroll through the pedestrian area. Later on we will depart by speed ferry to the island of Bornholm and lunch will be served during the crossing. After a short sightseeing stop in Rønne, the tour will continue to Hammershus, Northern Europe’s largest castle ruin, and also past Hammerknuden, the northernmost point on the island to the small idyllic twin-towns named Allinge-Sandvig. We will then drive along the rocky coast - the Riviera of Bornholm - to Gudhjem. In the picturesque fishing port of Gudhjem, where herring is the main livelihood, we will pay a visit to a herring smokehouse. In the evening we will have a welcome drink in the Hotel Siemens Gård, followed by an elegant 3 course dinner with drinks. Overnight accommodation in either single room, double for single use or shared twin/double. (extra charge for a single room: DKK 250; extra charge for a double room for single use: DKK 450).

Day 2
The morning will be free for individual sightseeing. You can spend time strolling around the cozy streets of Svaneke and the harbour area. Later on, we will have a guided walking tour of Svaneke. Focus will be on glass art and delicacy production: local production of candy and licorice. We will then drive by bus to Østerlars, one of the unique round churches dating back to the 13th century and very typical for this island. We will continue across the island to Hasle fish smokery, where lunch will be served. We will proceed to Rønne where - time permitting - there will be some free time before heading to the ferry and back to Copenhagen.

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