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Denmark has four seasons, which means warm summer days, colourful autumns, green springs and cold winters. May is the last month of the Danish Spring, and the nature is green once again and the sun rises early and sets late. The weather is always a factor and DMI, Denmark’s national weather service, gives you the best forecast: Weather forecasts for Denmark (DMI)


Local time ist GMT +1 hour - same zone all over Denmark.

Weight and Measures:

The metric and kilo system is used.


As in most of Europe the electrical current is 220 volt - as to plugs please check: Electrical Current Information for Denmark.

Travel Documents/Visa:

Entry visa differs - please check detailed information: Visa information for Denmark.


Danish is the national language, but English is well and widely spoken all over Denmark.

Official Working Days and Hours:

Working hours in general: Monday-Friday 08.00 - 16.00.
Large supermarkets are open all week from 08.00-22.00
Smaller shops are open Monday-Saturday - in general from 10.00-18.00.


Danish Kroner (DKK), but in most shops you can pay in Euros (EUR) or with credit cards.

Tax Refund:

You can claim VAT for goods purchased in most shops - you can find the tax refund shop in the airport.


Insurance is not included in the registration fee.


Tipping is neither necessary nor common; but at restaurants you can round up the bill with few coins.


All over Danmark there is a wide varity of restaurants serving Danish, French, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Asian, Indian food - and probably many other kinds of food; you will be able to find a restaurant serving just the food you like.

Further information - please see Convention Booklet (page 5)

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